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END (359E)

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@ SHORTING YOUR_INNER_CABLE ? how_do_you know_how_much to_cut_off_?@ SHORTING YOUR_INNER_CABLE ? how_do_you know_how_much to_cut_off_?? how do you know how much to cut off ?

1. install all the new parts on the bike. cable, carb, ect.

2. slide the rubber cover on the top of the carb's topset up the cable and inch or two.

3. if there is an adjuster nut on the top of your topset, or an adjuster in the middle of your cable, screw it/them in, on or down 3/4's of the way to create about most slack available

4. remove the idle screw.

5. pull up on the throttle cable where it goes into the top of the carb untill you can tell the slide is hitting on the bottom of the carb's topset. while holding it up, twist the throttle wide open, this will force the cable to go back toward the carb "is good". this step is just to make sure everything is fitting tight so you get an accurate measurement. now release the throttle and cable.

6. now grab the throttle cable put your thumb right where the outter cable meets the top of the topset and pull up till you can tell your lifting the slide, now slowly let the slide back down till it seats at the bottom of the carb and stop.

7. now measure the distance from the bottom of your thumb to the top of the topset.

8. BINGO that is your magic number,, however remember you can allways make it shorter, but ??? well you know. i would subtract 1/8" from the magic number, if you have an adjuster nut on the topset, and none if you don't.

9. measure the cable from the bottom of the "end" and cut with a good set of cutters so it don't frey the cable too bad.

10. solder the new end on and reinstall the cable.

11. reinstall the idle screw , screw it in untill you can tell it is just beggining to lift the slide, then go in one more full turn.

12. make needed cable adjustmensts, so you have just a bit of freeplay in the cable when all is reconnected.

13. start the unit and set your idle screw where you like it.

14. while idling twist the handlebars completely from right to left to see if the idle changes. if it rev's up a little you need to add more freeplay in the cable. now try again untill it don't change the idle RPM's

15 now go for a ride to cool off you earned it !!!!