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NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM DRATV @ Honda CT90 Kill Switch Adaptor for CDI Ignition Clone Conversion 12VDCIR-MKS 1/20P (356A) temp out of stock

Kill switch problems occur when installing a 12 Volt “clone” engine into a Honda CT90, S90 or any other bike that originally had DC – powered ignition.

Source of the Problem: Battery power from the kill switch in the RUN position. Your new clone engine has a CDI ignition system, incompatible with the old battery-powered ignition.

WARNING! Do not connect the stock CT90 Black/White kill switch wire to the clone CDI Black/White wire! This will destroy the CDI module.

SHOP NOTE: Even if you rewire the power input side of the kill switch to ground, then connect to the clone CDI module, the kill switch function is reversed (Run = Kill Engine) This can be confusing and dangerous, plus ANYONE can start your bike. Don’t do it!


The Pardue Brothers 12VDCIR-MKS Kill Switch Adapter. The Pardue Brothers 12VDCIR-MKS reverses the CT90 battery kill switch circuit. This is the proper, safe way to install a clone engine with CDI, into your bike with battery=powered ignition. The device fits into the headlight bucket. It is engineered to last a lifetime with matching Honda connectors and color-coded wires. Every one is hand-assembled and tested in our Florida shops. Installation is easy, just make three plug-in connections, and you are ready to ride.