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Length	4.45 in

Width	2.76 in

Height	3.35 in

Power sport vehicles use the oldest and most reliable type of rechargeable battery, the YTX4L-BS lead acid battery. Chrome Battery offers a large inventory of YTX4L-BS power sport batteries to replace your existing battery. AGM Sealed Lead Acid batteries are considered the highest performing battery available on the market today. Each Chrome Battery YTX4L-BS High Performance Power Sports Battery, Maintenance Free and Fully Charged power sports battery is constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology, which allows a completely 'maintenance-free' operation.

No Spills, No Leaks & No Water to Check AGM Separators for superior design Heavy Duty Terminals Extreme Vibration Resistance Improved Life Cycle Performance Supplied Factory Activated (Filled, Sealed & Charged) for Immediate Use All Chrome Battery AGM power sports batteries are manufactured with the highest quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure safety, OEM compatibility, effectiveness and optimal performance.

(NON-GEL) YTX4L-BS High Performance Power Sports Battery DSO$29.90