Well, I didn’t get to a paint shop to try to match the paint. Instead, I was in a Pep Boys auto parts store, and happened to notice that they sold paint in spray cans. So I looked through their supply and there is one that is a matte finish and almost exactly the same shade of gray/silver as the original plastic parts on my Trail 90. So I bought one can and just finished applying a first, light coat to the underside of the red frame cover and sure enough – it is a very close (almost exact) match. I’m thinking I might just take the rest of the older gray plastic parts off and use this paint on all those parts just to freshen them up and make them all look exactly alike.

If anyone else is interested in this stuff, the brand name is “Dupli-Color”, the label on the spray can says it’s a bumper coating, and the color is “Medium Silver (FB108)”. It has a matte gray (or silver) look.

Thanks for the help.


here are some possability's for some paints

Year or K# Color Spray paint name & # Store

78' school bus yellow # 17135 Ace Machine & Implement - Rust Stop Ace Hardware stores

79 Yellow Plasti-Kote Ultra Enamel #1116 School Bus

1976 Shinny Orange Rust Oleum Specialty Farm Equip. Org

7458 Hardware or Rustoleum paint stores

1976 Shiny Orange Dupli-Color Chevrolet Orange DE1620 Checker Auto

1977 Shiny Orange Armor Coat Rust Paint - High Gloss - Zesty Orange 48-9180-4 Canadian Tire

"70s to "81 110s Tahitian Red Duplicolor Truck, Van & SUV - Red/Orange #162 AutoZone, Checker, Walmart, most auto parts stores

'69 K1 or K1b downtube and air cleaner cover cast iron gray Aervoe 582 "engine paint" ??

'70s to '81 Tahitian Red Duplicolor Truck Van & SUV Red?Orange #162 AutoZone, Checker, Walmart, NAPA (most major auto parts places)

1968 K0 Yellow DupliColor DA1663 "School Bus Yellow" Pep Boys or other auto store

1968 K0 CT90 Sun Faded Red Duplicolor- Chevy Engine Enamel Orange-Red DE1607 Checker/Autozone

1968 K0 CT90 Ivory colored side covers Krylon Fusion for plastic in Ivory Color on cap Ace Hardware

1970 K2 Yellow Dupli-Color # DA1663 School Bus Yellow NAPA

1972-1974 K4, K5 Mars Orange Valspar Gloss Basic Orange

1973 K4 Orange ColorPlace 20017 Orange Walmart, Good match.

1975 K6 Tahitian Red Honda Color Code R23

1975 K6 Honda color code NH43 "phantom black" Dupli-color

Graphite grey metallic I couldn't find the honda color anywhere but this is an excellent match. Its also same color as sub gas tank

1977 CT90 Orange (not red) Premium Decor GLOSS, PDS-24 Banner Orange, #792462 Mfgr: GPM, Gart, Illinois. Found at; True Value Hardware (VT)

70K2 downtube cover and Battery cover Metallic Gray Dupli-Color T183W GRAY (M) Not sure. Maybe WalMart *NH19M*

70s to 1981 Trail 90s and 110s Tahitian Red Duplicolor Truck and Van "T 162 Red Orange" (bar code #26916 90162) Try auto body supply and auto parts stores with larger Duplicolor paint sections. May be able to special order from others.

73, K5 Orange Krylon OSHA Orange #K02410 Hardware store (Aubuchon Hardware, VT)

80/81 C70 Passport "angle blue" nason acrylic (dupont) no# BS 0921D-A mist coats let dry between coats on hot day _____________________________________________________ What kind of paint should be used with Seat Stencil?

well i have allways used plasti-kote vinyl color #421 silver smoke metallic upc code 71915 16769. _____________________________________________________

84-86 CT110 Monza Red - Touch up paint, 4.4 oz glass bottle. Honda part #08704-539r1100gtu Can be ordered from Honda.

All engine covers and fork tubes. Arctic Silver Dupli- Color 88-00910 Auto Parts

Any Tahitian Red; unfaded red/original color DupliColor Chrysler Engine Red DE1632 Murray's, PepBoys, AutoZone, etc.

CT90/110 engine right & left side covers Silver Dupli-Color High Performance Wheel Coating - # WP101 Kragen Auto or similar store - be sure to cure in oven at 200 deg for 15 min or until it smokes

Engine Dupli-color Artic silver

Engine Urathane Wheel paint Dupli-color

K0 '69 Yellow CADET YELLOW 759-3258 Cub Cadet tractor dealer

K0 - K3 Scarlet Red Duplicolor "Sunrise Red" Autozone, other parts stores

K5 1974 Orange America's Finest "Popsicle orange HD2852" Home Depot

Most all for Aux tank "charcoal" Dupli-color Dark Charcoal # 047-007-0 Canadian Tire most years? aluminum metallic Aervoe 309 "rust proofing paint" ?? ________________________________________________________________________

Dupli-Color FB109 Dark Carcoal. It did a super job on new sub gas tank from you guys!. I think it is very close to the orginal. One must remember to clean the tank good. It had something on it that caused the first coat to orange peel around the tank seems. A good cleaning with solvent and recoat of 4 look fantastic. Available at O’reilly’s and other automotive stores. I can get a photo once I return from vacation along side my sons bike - he has an original tank. If you'd like I'll send the picture to you

For Mars Orange I could not find the Valspar Gloss Basic Orange but at Lowe's I found Valspar Premium Enamel Orange #65018. It looks like a great match for area's covered by the down cover or seat where it has not faded. For painting a complete bike this looks like a great color – Lowe’s Attahced is two coats of the Orange on a piece of paper then shown by the down tube. It may be slightly glossier than the orignal but the color is great - again super for a complete paint job