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I just discovered your wonderful website for resurrecting cool old Hondas. I inherited my father's old 1968 CT90 K0 years ago and I think it's time to get it up and running again, as it's been sitting in storage for 20+ years. It traveled on the back of their motor home from coast to coast at least 6 times over a 20 year period. My parents were early Honda dealers (from 1961 to 1978, dealer #160), and the old CT90 could really tell some travel stories from Death Valley to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Anyway I plan on putting together a parts order for you soon to get this next project up and going.

Just for grins, here is a picture of one of my old projects from about 35 years ago. It started as one of our bone yard wore out CM-91 rental bikes that was ready for the dump. We carried all the HOT aftermarket stuff in stock at the time for these bikes, so Powroll's biggest 1/2" stroker crank was installed, but not after splitting the cases and boring them out to take the huge custom L.A. Sleeve liner shrunk into a bored alloy S-90 cylinder. I Don't remember what Honda piston I used, but I had to cut it to fit on the lathe and ream the wrist pin hole in the rod to fit the big pin. I think it ended up being 161cc all told. Also stuck in a WebCam camshaft, ported the head and welded up a homemade intake manifold to hold a larger Mikuni carb off an old Honda CB72. I retained the original 3-speed automatic trans, but went up 2 teeth on the countershaft and installed a 3.00 size tire on the back for freeway cruising. Notice it has one of the super rare factory Honda "Rally Kits" installed, and I everything else stripped off that I could. I was brave enough to run it 70mph one time! I remember we had 6 of those Honda seat and tank "Rally Kits" in stock for years and could never sell them. I put one on this bike and I think the rest went to the dump eventually. Anyway thanks for you time and I'll be sending my parts order soon.

Dan M

Santa Maria, Ca.