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About the CT70 6 Volt Headlight Voltage Regulator: For some unknown reason, many Honda CT70’s generate excess headlight Voltage. Some bikes did it brand new. Some develop the problem over time, and a few never do it. The exact cause is a mystery but is definitely a dynamo stator problem. The stator is a complex series of copper windings on a six-pole laminated steel core, similar to an alternator. After unwinding and investigating several stators, it appears the insulation deep in the copper windings changes, making connections Honda never intended . Result, too much headlight Voltage. Good news, stators rarely fail to produce enough power, or outright fail.

After years of working with these problems, we designed a special Voltage regulator to control the excess Volts and help prevent headlight bulb failures. The device is ruggedized, waterproof, and plugs in to the stock Honda wiring without any modifications. Installation is simple. Wires and connectors are color matched. The regulator plugs in without modifications to your Honda’s wiring harness, and fits inside the headlight bucket.

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