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HOW TO LED YOUR CT90 KIT (LED YOUR CT90) (356D) temp out of stock


HOW TO LED YOUR CT90 KIT is our basic plug-in-and-ride 6 Volt LED conversion kit for every year model Honda CT90 with three BA9S dash lamps and a BA7S neutral light.

Includes everything you need to replace all the non-headlight bulbs on a 6 Volt Honda CT90. Kit costs less than buying the individual parts.

The basic kit includes these parts and nine of our 6 Volt LEDís:

FLASHERINO 6 Volt LED flasher that works from 4 to 18 Volts.

DASHERINO indicator lamp converter.

GOOFERINO reverse polarity protector which helps prevent damage from wiring errors.

1154 LED 6 Volt tail/stop bulb with Red LEDís. License plate lit with Red light.

1129 LED (four included) 6 Volt turn signal bulb. Amber color really lights up the Honda turn signal.

BA9S LED (three included) 6 Volt speedometer lamp. White color light.

BA7S LED for the neutral light. Green color light visible in daylight.